We Offer A Range of Actuation Options:

Hydraulic actuation systems should be considered for any installation where multiple gates can be operated from a single system — especially when gates have unique operation requirements.

• Ideal for remote operation

• Reliable in hazardous or hostile environment

• Variable and adjustable speed control

SCUBA® (Self-Contained Universal Bi-Directional Actuator) is a compact electro-hydraulic actuator which is designed for gate and valve actuation, but can be easily used with almost any device requiring linear actuation. Ideal for a wide variety of applications where accessibility may be difficult, modulating service is required, or at any location where a low maintenance linear actuator is needed.

• All components installed on a common base

• One mechanical connection — no field piping

• 1.25” base plate, stainless steel cover

• No screw stem friction or wear

• No routine maintenance required

Cable Drum Hoists are a hoist mechanism used for lifting or lowering a load by utilizing a cable wrapped around a drum.

• Simple, proven rotary-to-linear actuation for large or special gates

• Electric or manual

Handwheel, or crank, actuation is purely manual but can be paired with a portable actuator for ease.

• Crank or handwheel actuated floor stands and bench stands

• Offset-type floor stands

• Interconnected floor stands

• Electric or fuel-powered hydraulic portable actuators