For all After Market needs, please contact our After Market Sales Team
Donna Baranoski
(978) 633-4653
Vickie Zwicker
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Rodney Hunt can provide replacement parts for all Rodney Hunt gates so you get an after-market part that fits precisely as opposed to a supplier who does not have the original drawing. In addition to hundreds of thousands of digital drawings, Rodney Hunt maintains approximately 1,400 file drawers of hard copy records for jobs dating back to the 1930’s allowing us to accurately identify replacement parts. Please contact our After Market Sales Team to get a quick quote for a spare/replacement part.

Wall Bracket
Stock Gates
Manual Hoist
Operating Stems
Pedestal Mounted Duel Speed Hoist
Pedestal Mount Single Speed Hoist
Pedestal Mounted Ungeared Hoist
Stand Nuts
Stem Cover
Stem Guide Brackets
Stem Guides
Electric Portable Operator
Hydraulic Portable Operator

Rodney Hunt has a team of experienced field service professionals available to visit your site to inspect and evaluate not only Rodney Hunt gates, but any gate. Additionally, our field service team can inspect electric and manual operators, hydraulic systems, and controls. Please contact the After Market Team mentioned above to schedule a site visit with one of our experienced professionals, so they can in turn provide a solution to your needs.


Rodney Hunt’s database of projects enables us to re-manufacture high quality components for existing equipment. We provide complete in-house casting, machining, welding, blasting, painting, and testing services. In fact, each gate is hydrotested at our facility. Additionally, Rodney Hunt’s controls team can evaluate, maintain, refurbish, or upgrade the control systems operating your gates; especially hydraulic and electrical control systems. Give our After Market Team a call to schedule your gate repairs and refurbishments.