Tandem Accunip

A customer came to the Roll Division several months ago with a very special requirement. He wanted two Accunips mounted on the same frame quite close to each other . All four rolls in the tandem Accunip had to be powered to tune at the same speed.

Twas A Big Open House

On a beautiful early fall afternoon, September 25, over 1800 employees, families, friends, guests and neighbours gathered at Rodney Hunt Company for the first open house since 1974.

Rodney Hunt Coping Well with the Recession

At Rodney Hunt, 1980 was a record year for incoming orders despite the recession that has  persisted for more than 10 months. There was substantial growth in the fabricated gate area, a relatively new business for us, and export orders were  more than double what they were last year.

“New York, New York, Its a Wonderful Town…”

Rodney Hunt is currently furnishing equipment for five sewage treatment plants in New York City, all of which are under construction. The North River project, previously described in several issues of NEWS, represents the largest order of sluice gates ever received at Rodney Hunt