Pelican® Gates (Crest Gates)

Pelican® Gates are usually mounted on the crest of a dam and are hinged along the invert. There are several different types, but all lower to open and raise to close.

  • Fully functional in ice conditions
  • Can be fabricated in a number of sections joined in the field to a total of 200’ or more
  • Ideal for flood protection/spillway control

Modulate for full range of travel from fully closed to fully open for precise control in water and wastewater applications. Level sensing devices provide accurate level control based on predetermined settings. This cannot be accomplished with inflatable dams.

Rodney Hunt crest gates are rugged and corrosion resistant with steel or stainless steel construction. They are also fully shop assembled to ensure quality and performance.

In the event of debris or ice build-up, the crest gate can be lowered to allow debris to flow over the gate. Ice can be easily broken up and skimmed off by lowering and raising the gate.

Pelican® Gate Design

The Pelican® Gate design consists of curved plates with internal braces and vertical ribs forming a strong closed shell structure. The gate is supported by a number of hinge brackets (instead of a torque tube), which are attached to concrete at the invert. A stainless steel pin secures the hinge brackets to the crest gate assembly.

The drawings presented here show a standard Pelican® Gate, and a typical construction arrangement.