Roller Gates

Rodney Hunt Roller Gates are often specified for large openings — 12’ x 12’ or more — or as a control gate on the crest of a dam. Wheels are employed to reduce the operating thrust.

For Large Openings and High Head Applications
  • Emergency (gravity) closure
  • Designed to limit gate deflection to 1/360 of its span in open channel applications, and 1/1000 of its span for gates covering submerged openings​

The roller gate is designed to reduce the operating thrust with stainless steel wheels that operate on rails. The wheels are sized accordingly and spaced along the side of the gate to support equal portions of hydrostatic load.

Resilient seals are attached across the top of the gate and on both vertical sides, with a seal along the invert for flush-bottom closure. The resilient seals are attached with stainless steel strips and retaining bolts for long-term tight sealing.

The Rodney Hunt roller gate is designed to control flow and reduce operating loads for large openings, high head applications, or where frequent operation is required. Permanently lubricated stainless steel wheels are mounted on each side of the gate and operate on rails, which are mounted on each side of the opening.

This illustration shows the typical arrangement of the Roller Gate wheels, rails, and seals.