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Our experienced team of field service professionals are available to visit your site to inspect and evaluate all brands of gates, electric and manual operators, hydraulic systems, and controls.

Sometimes we can solve problems over the phone, diagnosing worn or damaged components, and working out contingencies if a solution cannot be implemented immediately.

Rodney Hunt provides complete in-house casting, machining, welding, blasting, painting, and testing services. Each gate is hydro tested at our facility.

Our extensive database of projects enable us to re-manufacture high quality replacement parts for rebuilding existing equipment. Specifically, we have access to original Rodney Hunt drawings and installation records going back to the 1930’s.

We offer original RODNEY HUNT replacement parts for all of our gate products with full factory warranty. Our comprehensive records provide us with access to the original Rodney Hunt shop drawings, enabling us to create an accurate like-for-like reconstruction. Don’t get burned by knockoff suppliers who “guess” a dimension, when you can buy original spares with full warranty.


Our controls team can evaluate, maintain, refurbish or upgrade the control systems operating your equipment. Our knowledge base includes:

• Hydraulic and electrical control systems

• In-house testing at Orange, MA to design specifications

• Verification of standards and specification compliance