• Self-contained or non-self-contained
  • Embedded or wall mounted designs​
  • Heads to 20’ seating and unseating
  • All SS gates are acid passivated
  • Each gate is hydro tested for specified head at our facility
  • Leakage half of AWWA 561 standard
Mounting Flexibility

A variety of mounting options are available such as wall, in channel, embedded, round manhole, and flange.

Rugged and Corrosion Resistant

Use of 304L or 316L SS results in long term corrosion resistance lengthening the life of the gate.

Guaranteed Leakage Rate

All gates undergo leakage testing at our factory and have a guaranteed leakage rate below AWWA C561 and other worldwide standards.

Fabricated Stainless Steel Gates

Rodney Hunt slide gates are made entirely of stainless steel, and have very high corrosion and erosion resistance, ensuring many years of trouble-free operation with minimum maintenance. Our slide gates also have a one-piece welded flange-back design that makes them more robust.