For Spillway and Open Channel Flow Control

  • Spillway and open channel flow control
  • Field adjustable components
  • Sturdy vertical T-ribs support the curved plate and are backed by wide-flanged beam supports that span the total opening width
  • Low maintenance in difficult conditions
 For Spillway and Open Channel Flow Control
Proven Design

Steel or stainless steel plates are embedded across the invert and above both sides of the gate to provide a tight seal when the gate is closed.


Cable drum hoists are electrically driven and utilize fully enclosed gear reduction units, protected and interconnected shafting with flexible couplings, grooved drums, and steel or stainless steel cables.

Field Adjustable

All parts of the gate are field adjustable. This ensures proper installation and a tight seal in the closed position.

For Wide, Unobstructed Openings

Rodney Hunt tainter gates are normally used to control the flow of water or wastewater over a dam or drainage structure to provide a wide and unobstructed opening. These gates, which are sometimes very large, are sturdily designed for long life and low maintenance in difficult conditions, but also incorporate a number of “designed-in,” installation and field-adjustment features.

llustrations show a typical tainter gate arrangement and major components. All the thrust from water pressure is taken by the trunnion set in the concrete